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What is an All-Crop Harvester?

The All-Crop Harvester is line of pull-type combines manufactured by the Allis-Chalmers Company from 1935 to 1969. Pulled by a tractor and powered by either the tractor PTO or a mounted stationary engine, this combine revolutionized grain harvesting by ending the farmers dependence on the threshing rings while offering performance that in some ways rivals even today’s modern combines. It was by far the greatest pull-type combine manufactured in numbers, with well over 300,000 units built. As its name implies, the All-Crop Harvester is famous for its ability to harvest a wide range of grain and seed crops. It was particularly suited for the very small seeds such as clover and canola. The secret to its success is its unique design, part of which is the rubber on rubber threshing technology. So impressive was this machine that Harry C. Merritt and Charles J.Scranton each earned the prestigious Cyrus Hall McCormick Medal of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers for their work on its design. (1941, 1952). But as farms grew larger, pull-type grain harvesters fell out of favor and are no longer manufactured by the major equipment manufacturers. However, with the renaissance of the small-scale farm, surviving machines found idle in a hay loft, or buried in the far corner of a shed, are being put back to work. They are especially prized by smaller organic farms who value their ability to handle a diversity of crops. For many small-scale farmers they are an affordable alternative to today’s machines that are either too large and/or too expensive to purchase and maintain. KAS LLC is dedicated to providing the machines, parts, and information needed to keep these machines on the farm helping to feed the world.

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